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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010!

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Of course we would all like to think we truly took the entire spring break off and did only our own thing, but chances are all of us will spend a few minutes... even if is just a few, getting something organized for the classroom. Here are some thoughts you might consider implementing into your newly re-energized classroom routine as you return.

Add website links at the end of those notes sent home to parents: Look for links to sites like http://www.schoolfamily.com/ where parents can get advice about how to help their students succeed in school. You might type out a list of eight or ten sites with short messages or descriptions and then just clip them apart to "add" one when you photocopy notes to parents.

Create some "celebrate spring" activities that are short and simple, but break up the routine of the classroom a little. For example, take five minutes to pass out pictures of flowers and see how many your students can name. Send the winner home with a tiny potted flower for their mother. Show a short video clip of a "spring event" such as a hatching chick to students. Use the "celebrate spring" moments to make school more fun . . . especially on those long, warm, sunny days where we all just want to go outside and play!

Take a "spring walk" around the block and see how many signs of spring students can identify. Again, award someone for being the most observant or analytical.

Plan a "spring events only" show-and-tell day. Give students parameters that have to do with spring events and see what students bring to show and tell.