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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Newsletter/Site Update Email

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Our first newsletter/update email is about to be sent out. If you haven't signed up, you should. Here's the link: Extraworksheets.com Mailing List

While our goal is a "monthly" newsletter, I have yet to actually get it out every month. So don't worry, --I don't believe you will be overwhelmed with information. :)

Want to help?! . . . . I am on the search for newsletter content. I would love input and ideas. Note that our theme here is "free" so don't send me to a place where you are giving me one "free" worksheet and "buy" more. The "free" needs to be significant.

If you have a great site with FREE worksheets and resources for teachers, email me and get it in our newsletter. Write a little paragraph about how/why you started the site, or how/why you found the site and use it.

Mobile-Friendly Feedback

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Google's new "mobile friendly" check claims we aren't as mobile friendly as we should be. While I don't think Google always has the best ideas, they do heavily influence my ability to get traffic to this site. I hope to revise a few things. Surely some of you are surfing on your phone or tablet, looking for quick resources. I'd love to have comments/feedback.

What aspects of "mobile friendly" are important to YOU, my viewers? (think about screen size, navigation options, being able to read the text).